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Sensual gay sex and disturbing visions

In this dark gay porn masterpiece by Peter de Rome, Caswell, a regular guy next door, mixes hot sex and disturbing visions. First scene with a handsome biker. Bud hits on Caswell in a bar and they end the night together. The sensual sex gradually turns into a disturbing moment.

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This farm is like a paradise with handsome black guys fucking everywhere! Outdoor fun, jerking off, threesome in the wild: they are true sex addicts ! A real feast for the eyes with muscular males with splendid cocks who spend their day jerking off, showing off, sucking and fucking each other.

Obsession for the gay mustachioed photographer

A guy with half-long hair meets by chance in the street a handsome guy with a moustache. A photographer who takes him home to talk about his artistic passion... and his passion for sex. It's a dream day for the guest who discovers a fascinating world. Between two fancy walks he fucks with the handsome mustachian: bjs, 69 fun, anal gay sex A total blast. It was so good that the guy is overexcited and starts to fantasize. He sees the mustachioed guy fucking another guy and fantasy and reality merge as an impressive cock appears out of nowhere.

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This super handsome young black guy lives on a farm and fantasizes about the farmers who work there. He likes to expose himself naked at the pool or at his window to make them horny. One of his father's employees especially turns him on with his huge long magnificent cock. But this afternoon it is another male, black and older, who will take care of his holes and make him moan with pleasure.

Vintage Gay Fuck in Paris

Karl Forest takes us on one of his typical days: walks in Paris, sports and lots of gay sex. He didn't build a beautiful body with a muscular ass for nothing. Hookups, darkrooms : Karl loves to play with guys and to cum as soon as the opportunity arises. A hot trip in an unbridled vintage Paris.

Karl Forest aka Le Beau Mec

After a fuck in the wild, dive into the gay Paris of the 1970s with these images from the vintage porn film Le Beau Mec with iconic model Karl Forest. Sport and fun: we follow the daily life of this hot Parisian hung dude who drives every guy he meets crazy. Memories of an era and steamy scenes.

Evil or nice, all gays get laid

In this story there are bad guys and good guys... but everyone ends up fucking hard in this vintage gay porn. We find the villain subduing his young henchman twink before ordering two of his henchmen to fuck hard in front of him. Not far from there, the pretty Jimmy Hughes succumbs once again to the tattooed ass of his blond friend.

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In a bar Jimmy Hughes is under the spell of a very beautiful curly-haired young man. They isolate themselves so that Jimmy fucks this young guy with smooth and soft skin and astonishing ass. This kind of cute skinny bodies... Jimmy just loves it. So nice to lick a beautiful twink's body and fuck him hard.

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Greek Lightning

Magnificient Greek guy in this vintage gay porn. Beautiful men, very sexy athletic bodies, big dicks and great shooting in this old gay movie. Best of vintage gay porn !

Young ass paradise

A gay boy is taking part in a scientific experiment. He's suddenly transported into a strange gay paradise where a young ephebe is waiting. Their bodies are perfectly smooth and tight...they're horny and eager to shoot. Tongues and hands left areas of their bodies untouched...Such cute asses and juicy dicks, the boys fuck hard and deep!

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