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Exhibition and voyeuristic gay orgy for Al Parker

Al Parker goes to a sultry exhibition and meets up with his crush, a handsome guy with a beard just like him. Later, Al meets him in a sexclub where an orgy is taking place. Al watches the guys suck each other's dicks and fuck each other, and realizes that his crush loves sex and isn't afraid to get hard. Vintage voyeuristic pleasure as the guys fuck each other in the club for all to see. Turned on, Al leaves with his bearded friend.

The best dildo is the cock
The best dildo is the cock

A client of sex shop is testing different dildos, but not a single one seems to correspond to desires of his greedy hole. Finally, the owner of the sex shop will give him his helpful big large cock. Plastic is fantastic but organic food is always better.

Pretty middle-class top

When this biker sees this smooth, middle-class guy arrive in his garage, looking very serious, he thinks he wants his dick. But then he realizes he's more a top than he looks. After catching him, the guys kiss, jerk off and suck each other off, and little by little the handsome bourgeois takes the upper hand. Eventually, he fucks the biker, who enjoys it. They end up masturbating next to each other in all manly camaraderie.

Life as a gay porn actor in the seventies

This nice guy takes us behind the scenes of the life of a gay porn actor in the 1970s. Lots of sex, of course: glory holes, orgies, lots of fun! This guy shot for the underground scene and you'll see that orgies here are very hot and creative: with cocks appearing by surprise!

Fucked by The Gay Mummy

In this strange museum, the most unexpected things can happen: a Gay Mummy comes to life after centuries of confinement and intends to cum for good ! Fortunately, one of the men in the museum is there, and he turns out to be quite a bottom. A strange embrace unfolds: hard cock spills out of the Mummy's bandages, ready to get sucked and to fuck.

Hey blondie, need cum ?

Casey Donovan, the gorgeous blond legend of gay porn, is hanging around outside when a guy with a really big dick takes one look at him. Casey follows, cum-hungry that he is. This is the kind of encounter he loves: unexpected, outdoors, with a stranger. So exciting to feel that a guy has recognized the cocksucker in him. He unwraps the package, it's really big and he's sucking it deep. He's going to get huge loads.

Wake up, Al Parker wants to fuck you

It's a gay man's dream morning. What could be better than coming face-to-face with horny Al Parker in the wee hours of the morning? This lucky guy with a stache is about to get fucked. Al's in love with him, and he's going to be tender and passionate, giving him french kisses, caressing him, before putting him to good use with his legendary cock. A gorgeous, half-sensual, half-feverish vintage gay fuck with a top Al Parker to die for.

Suck the cocks from the future

2 friends find themselves propelled into the future and meet guys from another space-time and galaxy. But a man is still a man, and these guys want their dicks sucked. The friends start worshipping cock and ask themselves: will cum taste any different in the future?

Gay statue comes to life for a good fuck

A handsome bisexual with a fetish for statues enjoys fondling them in a gallery. But then one of the gay statues comes to life and offers him the chance to fuck for real. And it's going to be better than all his fantasies: the beautiful statue is of a male with a stache who gives phenomenal blowjobs and whose beautifully designed ass is just begging to be filled with cock.

Al Parker will come, with or without you

Early in the morning, Al Parker wants to have sex with his boyfriend. But the latter prefers to take a shower. Never mind, Al's going to jerk off. He's not the type to hold back his urges: when he feels the need to empty his balls, he empties them. A chance to admire him, more handsome than ever, clenching his balls and polishing his legendary cock. We could watch this vintage star cum for hours. His man doesn't know what he's missing!

Casey Donovan wants to blow his boss

Gorgeous blond gay porn icon Casey Donovan is trying to make a movie, but he's quickly overtaken by his urges. When his boss talks to him, all he can think about is his cock. He stares longingly at the man's crotch and imagines himself submissively blowing his cock, jerking off and cumming with him.

Vintage gay fucks

A fine collection of vintage gay fucks with manly, bearded and mustachioed males: in the toilet being nasty, in a tender and romantic way or arty and conceptual. The different faces of gay sexuality are brought together for intense pleasure each time.